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This beautiful Zuni Stone pendant is hung on a "Liquid Silver" necklace. Liquid silver was created by Native American artisans in New Mexico. The shimmering "liquid" look is created by stringing hundred of tiny sterling silver tubes onto fine threads to create flexible strands of shimmering silver which look like they are solid strands of liquid silver.


The Zuni Indians are most known for their stone jewellery. Zuni stone jewelry uses carefully cut, crafted and polished stones set in intricate arrangements.

Since the early twentieth century, Zuni artists have cut and shaped turquoise into very small needle-shaped pieces. These pieces are arranged into intricate patterns, often adorning the squash blossom naja and beads. Zuni American Indian jewellery artists themselves called this technique needlepoint.

Zuni Native American jewellery makers also favour inlaid stones. Inlays create a gemstone mosaic. Some inlays separate stones with slivers of sterling silver to create geometric designs.

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Zuni Stone Liquid Silver Necklace

SKU: WN20112
  • 18" (45cm)

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