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Tektite is the name given to a glassy material which is the result of an extra-terrestrial meteorite impact on the Earth’s surface. The terrestrial material (rocks/sediments) at the impact site either melted, vapourized, or both and were ejected into the Earth’s atmosphere. Subsequently, molten material re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere and cooled rapidly but scattering far from the original impact zone, these are know as “strewn fields”.

Tektites are found in various coloured and shaped forms such as spheres, teardrops, dumb-bells or layered, often containing vesicles or bubbles, formed by either gas or steam during the solidification process.

Tektites connect to all of the personal and transpersonal chakras, opening the whole of one’s chakric system and aligning one’s energy fields, so that there is a free flow of energy throughout one’s being. The intense cleansing energy of Tektites help to remove all energetic blockages and stagnant energy, increasing one’s frequency to an extremely high vibrational level.

Tektites expand and open one’s consciousness to other dimensional frequencies and realities, increasing one’s intuition, psychic senses and expanding one’s awareness to encompass “all that is”.

The powerful energy held within Tektite activates one’s energy fields to awaken one’s merkaba “Light body”, aiding in one’s ascension process.

Tektite Tumblestone

  • Price is for one stone, approx. 2 cm

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