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Luxullianite is a rare form of Granite (a Quartz based igneous rock) that contains Tourmaline, it is found in Cornwall in the United Kingdom and can also be known as Luxulyanite and Luxulianite. The Granite matrix contains Quartz, feldspar, mica (brown) and cassiterite (tin oxide) and inclusions of Tourmaline and its appearance is pink to salmon pink with black inclusions and markings.

The frequency of Luxullianite connects to the Earth star, base and heart chakras, it gently opens these chakras so that the energy of the heart centre is grounded into one’s physical vehicle and into Mother Earth.

This combination stone helps one to understand the lessons from one’s life’s experiences and to have clarity with their meaning. It allows one to have a heart centred awareness so that one is able to be accepting of oneself and others and to move forward.

The supportive energy of Luxullianite enables one to feel safe and secure and to “know” that one is supported by, and to trust in the Universe at all times.

Luxullianite Tumblestone

  • Price is for one stone, approx. 2 cm

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