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Green Opal is often referred to as Peruvian or Andean Opal and is connected to the heart chakra. It aids the ability to express oneself openly and clearly. Green Opal gently gives one confidence to communicate one’s true feelings. It facilitates permission to cry, laugh, shout, roar, snuggle under a duvet and whimper or simply sleep if that’s what one needs to do. This is the stone of the free spirit. It can mend a broken heart. It can also attract a friend or lover. It heals after trauma and exhaustion. It is truly a ‘be kind to yourself’ stone. Green Opal helps one listen to one’s angels, to bring them close and find one’s own way to communicate with them. It is good for automatic handwriting and well worth trying to hear your angels through white noise with.  It is also used as an aid for talking to animals, pets or wild animals here and in spirit. It aids prosperity and manifestation.

Green Opal Freeform

SKU: WC20012
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  • 13cm x 10cm x 7cm

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