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Chrysocolla is seen as an incredibly peaceful and soothing stone. It is said to calm the mind and the nerves through times of stress.

One of it’s jobs is drawing off negativity, thought forms and energies.

It is thought to be especially useful to help in times of trasition and change such as relationship breakdowns, house moving, job change etc.

Chrysocolla is also said to be one of the best crystals for re-energising and calming the chakras.

It draws out feelings of guilt and increases the capacity to love whilst reintroducing joy. It improves communication, physically and psychically.  Encouraging self-awareness and inner balance, it imparts confidence and sensitivity.  Chrysocolla is said to enhance personal power and inspire creativity. This stone has been used to help overcome phobias by drawing out negativity and encouraging motivation for change.

In physical healing Chrysocolla is said to be beneficial in treating arthritis, bone disease and muscle spasms.


Chrysocolla Tumblestone

  • Price is for one stone, approx. 3 cm

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