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Chiastolite, Andalusite Also knows as the Cross Stone. Chiastolite a stone of balance and harmony. The Rune Gifu marks the crystal and for many this provides the crystal similar qualities to the rune such as, connecting different sides, balancing flows of energy, forming equilibrium and plain good luck whilst under strain or pressure. It can help with mental / emotional balance, general stability, enhancing problem solving, adapting to change, memory, and ability to see all sides of a problem. Chiastolite can enhance practical creativity. Linking aspects to provide a new or different solutions to problems.


Chiastolite Healing Use - Rheumatism, blood disorders, veins, blood circulation, balance of blood pressure (high or low), lactation (breast milk). Chiastolite is associated with the sacral and root chakras.


Chiastolite Tumblestone

  • Price is for one stone, approx. 1.5 cm

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