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Bronzite is an iron-bearing variety of enstatite and belongs to the orthopyrexene group of minerals. The name derives from the stone's similarity to bronze, and has been used since ancient times, mainly in Roman amulets and decorative objects.

Spiritually this beautiful stone facilitates simply 'being', entering a dynamic state of non-action and non-doing. This is the perfect stone if you have difficulty in stilling yourself, since it brings total serenity. Bronzite is a magical protector, and is particularly effective against curses, turning back negative thoughts and ill-wishing. However, it returns ill-wishing, curses or spells back to the source considerably magnified, often perpetuating the problem as it 'bounces' backward and forward, becoming stronger each time, and makes the ill-wisher feel extremely ill while the 'recipient' remains protected but aware of the energetic disturbance. It is more effective to use bronzite in combination with black tourmaline, as this absorbs the ill-wishing, immediately stopping the interaction and taking attention away from the source.

Emotionally bronzite encourages a loving and unprejudiced discernment within us, providing the ability to resolve unsettled emotions that are holding us back from living a full and complete life. Bronzite has a bright and radiant energy that works exceptionally well on the heart chakra, encouraging forgiveness and compassion.

Mentally bronzite is said to be the 'stone of courtesy' that strengthens non-judgemental discernment, pinpoints your most important choices and promotes decisive action. This protective and grounding stone is helpful when you feel powerless in discordant situations or are in the grip of events beyond your control. Holding bronzite increases self-assertion, restores composure and assists in keeping a cool head. With this stone's assistance, you can take an objective perspective and see the bigger picture.

Physically bronzite eases chronic exhaustion. It is helpful in the assimilation of iron, reduces cramps, fortifies the nerves and removes pain and over-alkalinity.

Charge bronzite regularly by cleaning it with a soft cloth and placing out on soil for a night.

Bronzite Tumblestone

  • Price is for one stone, approx. 1.5 cm

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