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Boulder Opal is from Queensland in Australia. Opal is a hydrated silica mineral which comprises of microscopic spheres of silica which are bound together with water and silica.

The frequency of Boulder Opal connects to the base and crown chakras. It opens one’s consciousness to the higher vibrations emanating from one’s soul so that one is able to “see” the “bigger picture” and to live life as a soul infused personality.

This Opal helps to clear one’s mental body of negative energies and thoughtforms, enhancing one’s mental clarity and stability helping one move forward with focussed intent.

The grounding energy of this Opal helps to ground higher vibrational energy into the third dimension so that one is able to receive higher information and guidance and to integrate these energies into one’s life’s experiences.

Opals in general are fairly soft stones and are sensitive to environmental factors. Avoid exposing Boulder opal, or any opal, to high heat or extreme temperature changes. Heat can cause Boulder opals to lose their color intensity or create fractures. Take opal jewelry off before getting into the shower, going swimming or using household cleaning agents. Do not expose opals to chemicals, including perfume.

Set in solid Sterling Silver.



Boulder Opal Ring

SKU: WR20183
  • Ring Size O,

    Stone 20 x 14 mm

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