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Topaz is formed magmatically during the formation of acid plutonites, and gets it beautiful blue hue from the inclusion of iron. In all the old cultures of Europe and India, topaz was unanimously considered to be the stone of Jupiter, and so was a stone of justice and litigation. It represented rule over one's own life, self-realization and wisdom. In Mexico, it was used for finding out the truth in cases of disagreement.

Spiritually blue topaz encourages self-realization and the shaping of our lives according to our own wishes. It can enable a breakthrough in spiritual development whenever things have been very laborious and difficult for a long time. Blue topaz helps us to gain wisdom from the vagaries of fate. Use blue topaz in prayer to connect with saints and divinity. Wear blue topaz or focus on a crystal for meditation or for increasing clairaudient powers.

Emotionally blue topaz helps us discover our own inner riches of soul images, abilities and knowledge. It encourages openness, honesty and a fulfilled emotional life. It defuses emotional undercurrents at home and clarifies situations at work where there are mixed messages. It promotes calm in a confrontation or crisis, reduces panic attacks, and will help a child or teenager who is being teased by siblings or peers to react calmly, without resorting to reciprocal shouting or violence.

Mentally blue topaz aids clear communication, allowing us to explain our point of view rationally, even under provocation, and helps us give others a fair hearing. This beautiful stone helps us to become fully aware of the influence we exert based on ability and real knowledge, and helps us to use this meaningfully.

Physically blue topaz is good for the regrowth of tissue and facilitates steady metabolic functioning. It fortifies the nerves and stimulates the energy flow in the meridians. It improves digestion and helps with anorexia. Blue topaz is beneficial for the thyroid, the throat, the eyes, ears and nasal passages.

Recharge blue topaz with a soft blue candle or in the open air beneath a clear blue sky when the sun is still low in the sky.

Blue Topaz Tumblestone

  • Price is for one stone, approx. 1 cm

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