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Also known as falcon's eye or hawk's eye, blue tiger's eye is formed hydrothermally during the silicification of crocidolite (black-blue asbestos fibres). The fibrous crystals of crocidolite are tightly enclosed in quartz. The silky gleam the fibres create in the quartz makes light play in a way that resembles an eye. This is how the stone gets its name, and also explains an ancient belief that blue tiger's eye can cure eye complaints and give protection to the wearer.

Spiritually blue tiger's eye is probably the best stone for remote viewing (seeing beyond the range of the physical eye), for clairvoyance and for astral travel. Meditating with this stone helps us to see the seemingly random events of everyday life in a broader context, and bestows an understanding of our own life plan.

Emotionally blue tiger's eye is gently calming and stress-relieving. It lends a proper distance to our feelings and emotions and, thereby, helps us be less influenced by mood fluctuations. It is a powerful aid for the overanxious, quick-tempered, and phobic. Placed on the third eye, blue tiger's eye aids in finding and clearing the source of an emotional blockage.

Mentally blue tiger's eye helps us gain a better overview in complicated situations and helps with difficulties in making decisions. It brings issues into perspective, ameliorates pessimism and the desire to blame others for problems of our own making. Blue tiger's eye dissolves restrictive and negative thought patterns and ingrained behaviour.

Physically blue tiger's eye aids eye problems, especially those concerned with focus, and clears sinuses and congestion in the nasal passages. It relieves spine, neck and leg problems and aids mobility. Use this stone for protection if undergoing any form of X-ray treatment or invasive medical tests.

Leave blue tiger's eye open to the skies for a day to recharge its energies.

Blue Tigers Eye Tumblestone

  • Price is for one stone, approx. 1 cm

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