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Blue john is a form of fluorite with bands of purple-blue and yellow colours. It is found only at Blue John Cavern and Treak Cliff Cavern at Castleton in Derbyshire. During the 19th century, it was mined for its ornamental value, and mining continues on a small scale. The origin of the name 'blue john' is thought to have come from the French 'bleu et jaune', meaning 'blue and yellow'. Another theory is that the name 'blue john' was termed in the 18th century by miners to separate the stone from zinc sulphites, known locally as 'black jack'.

Spiritually blue john is a multidimensional gemstone that manifests the highest aspects of the human mind. The potent energies of this stone attune the spirit to the world. Blue john is a catalyst for personal growth, encouraging experimenting, exploring and understanding.

Mentally blue john fluorite carries the spirit of change. It stimulates spontaneity and emboldens you to brave the unknown, both in physical travel, and in the desire for new discoveries and fresh experiences. This stunning and rare stone encourages altruistic pursuits, enkindles trust, and helps you to make good decisions. It is a useful ally for getting yourself out of bad situations, and can lend the courage needed to effect permanent changes. A stone of the third eye and crown chakras, blue john brings a sense of deep peace and clarity of mind, and during times of confusion or despair offers assistance in knowing where to look for answers and solutions.

Physically it is highly beneficial to the skin, mucous membranes and respiratory tract, and is used to relieve symptoms of colds and flu, sinusitis, bronchitis, dry coughs, emphysema and pneumonia, as well as staph and strep infections, canker sores and herpes, ulcers, shingles and nerve-related pain. Fluorite of all varieties are used in the treatment of violent or highly infectious diseases, as well as being a protective preventative for those who work with infected patients. Blue john fluorite, when used as an elixir, helps to ease fatigue and promotes the assimilation of minerals.

Wrap blue john in a silk cloth and place in moonlight to recharge its energies.

Blue John Tumblestone

  • Price is for one stone, approx. 2 cm

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