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Because of its variety of colours and appearance, in the past apatite has been confused with other minerals. Hence it was given the Greek name apatao, which means to delude or deceive, in 1786, a time when minerals were being more closely categorised. It is a mineral closely connected with the human and animal kingdom since apatite formed in the human body gives strength to teeth and bones. It is also a major constituent in the tusks of elephants, walruses, hippopotamuses and rhinoceros.

Spiritually apatite is good for meditation and for increasing clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and past-life recall. It is a very powerful stone for connecting with earth energies and earth spirits and for increasing psychic connection with animals, birds and sea creatures.

Emotionally apatite helps with apathy. It encourages liveliness, helps with exhaustion, particularly if periods of extreme activity are followed by complete lack of activity, and also reduces irritability and aggression. It helps you to communicate your feelings clearly without becoming over-emotional.

Mentally apatite eases apathy, sorrow, anger and a lack of incentive and helps to turn our attention to happier circumstances.

Physically this beautiful stone stimulates healthy eating habits, making it a helpful tool for weight loss. It mobilises energy reserves, encourages the formation of new cells, as well as the growth of cartilage, bone and teeth. It ameliorates damage to posture, rickets, arthritus and joint problems, and promotes the healing of broken bones.

A delicate stone, place apatite near a vase of fresh flowers or on the soil near a herb or plant to recharge its energies.

Blue Apatite Tumblestone

  • Price is for one stone, approx. 1.5 cm

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