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Azurite-Malachite is a very rare, alkaline copper carbonate and is formed by rainwater containing carbonic acid in the oxidation zone of copper ore deposits. Like all combination stones, the combined power of azurite with malachite is different from and greater than that of the separate minerals. When cut and polished it is sometimes called the Planet Stone, because it resembles the Earth as seen from space, and so has become a symbol of efforts to save the planet.

Spiritually azurite-malachite encourages an interest in our surroundings and fellow human beings. It makes us open, honest and helpful, and leads to well-being on all levels. It unlocks spiritual vision, strengthens the ability to visualize and opens the third eye. It is a stone of meditation and will connect you to cosmic and divine energies. However, it may make you more sensitive to the suffering of others, so should be used cautiously.

Emotionally this stone brings harmony, particularly in conditions of inner conflict and disunity. It helps with overcoming pain and sadness as well as releasing suppressed emotions. Wear this stone on a chain near your heart if you have been betrayed in love and need help to forgive and either rebuild or move on. 

Mentally azurite-malachite creates harmony between the intellect and feelings. Use it at home or at work to dispel personal negativity and resentment that may be stopping you from building on the more positive aspects of the situation.

Physically azurite-malachite stimulates the liver and detoxifies and releases cramps. It also stimulates the immune system and dissolves disharmonious cell growth (tumours, etc.).

Azurite- malachite can be worn on the body either as a rough stone or polished, but should not be used for a gem essence or ingested. Leave the stone overnight in moonlight around full moon to recharge its energies.

Azurite/Malachite Tumblestone

  • Price is for one stone, approx. 2 cm

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