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Amethyst belongs to a the crystal quartz group, with its colour deriving from traces of iron within its lattice structure. The name amethyst is derived from the Greek amethustos, meaning non-inebriated. Its sober, clearing effect was already known in antiquity and the crystal itself was, therefore, highly prized. In the Middle Ages, Konrad Von Megenberg quite aptly defined the amethyst as a mineral that "makes a person better, disperses bad thoughts, brings good commonsense and makes one mild and gentle".


Spiritually amethyst encourages constant spiritual wakefulness, a sense of spirituality and insight into the reality of the spirit. It imbues a sense of justice and the ability to judge fairly and provokes honesty and uprightness. As a meditation stone it is particularly effective, helping to quiet the mind. Use amethyst as an aid to finding deep inner peace and to help discover the wisdom residing within ourselves. Amethyst is extremely powerful with a high spiritual vibration. It guards against psychic attack, transmuting the energy into love.


Emotionally amethyst helps with sadness and grief and can lend support in coming to terms with loss. This wonderful crystal balances out highs and lows of emotion, dispelling any trace of anger, rage, fear or anxiety. It clarifies the inner world of images and also our dream lives. If you put amethyst under your pillow, you will find that, initially, it will strongly stimulate dreaming until all undigested impressions have been clarified. After a few days, however, sleep will suddenly become calmer, deeper and more refreshing. During waking consciousness, amethyst stimulates inspiration and intuition.


Mentally amethyst encourages sobriety and awareness. It helps us face up to all experiences, even unpleasant ones, and encourages consciously dealing with perception. This heightens concentration and effectiveness in thinking and acting and encourages the overcoming of blocks, uncontrolled mechanisms and addictive behaviour.


Physically amethyst helps remove pain and release tension, especially with headaches, and helps with injuries, bruises and swellings. The latter will go down rapidly. It helps with all illnesses of organs  that have been formed out of ectodermis, that is, it helps with nervous complaints, diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract, skin blemishes such as verrucas, and intestinal complaints. Amethyst regulates the flora of the large intestine; it is also helpful in cases of intestinal parasites and encourages rapid reabsorption of water. 


Wear amethyst close to the skin as jewellery, or place about the home as appropriate. Recharge amethyst by the light of the moon as it can fade in bright sunlight.

Amethyst Point

  • Price is for one stone, approx. 4-5 cm

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