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Feng Shui & Crystal Cures.

Feng Shui is an 'eco-art' uniting man and his destiny with his environment, whether natural or artificial, cosmic or local. Thousands of years ago, as Chinese civilisation sprang up along the fertile Yellow and Wei river valleys, Feng Shui's basic premises also developed from the topographical and geographical nature of the area, a mixture of rugged mountains, plateaus, rivers, valleys and large flat plains. Long before there were architects, natural phenomena such as wind and water were viewed as sacred signs mysteriously instructing shamans where the most auspicious place was for a house, an altar, or a grave. Feng Shui promotes the modern idea of ecology and conservation. Its message is: Harmonise with, do not disrupt nature. We all know that tampering with nature not only disrupts the harmonious flow of the weather but also damages the environment. When we work in harmony with the elemental forces, rather than combating them, we create positive energy in our living and our working environments. By focusing on the powerful Universal Life Energy that flows around us, we can begin to bring balance and harmony to every area of our lives.

One of the most popular of the nine Feng Shui 'cures' is natural crystals. A Feng Shui cure is simply a ritual, ceremony, technique or item used in a particular way to repel or dispel stagnant or harmful energy.  Few people are wealthy enough to use diamonds as a Feng Shui cure, but a practical, effective and affordable solution is to use the best quality crystal you can. This could be in the form of a hanging crystal, a chandelier, or simply a natural crystal created by the most skillful of artists, 'Mother Nature'. As energy encounters a crystal it is transformed. When using crystals in Feng Shui it is important to place them with a clear intent, also being mindful of the task you want the crystals to accomplish. Obviously a very tiny crystal will not clear a very large area such as a house or an office; for these areas, heavy larger objects such as carved crystal statues, large clusters, big stones or obelisks are required. Obelisks are especially potent energy enhancers. Used in Feng Shui placement they magnetise or pull positive energy towards them. Clear Quartz gives the optimum power in the obelisk shape, due to it's focus and clarity.

In Feng Shui the colour of the stones used is equally as important as the placement: you should only use stones that harmonise with your colour scheme and the overall ambiance of the room. Clear Quartz is most commonly used because it reflects the full spectrum of light and balance. As a general rule, white and blue repel energy and are used for protection. Red is the colour of life force and attracts positive energy; this includes the energy of passion. Orange is the colour for enhancing creativity, while yellow is used for mental clarity. Green is used for growth and balance, while pink is used for love. Purple or indigo enhances spiritual and psychic energies, including contemplation and meditation. Black is also used for protection, but in a different way from white or blue; black absorbs negative energies, so when using dark crystals always remember to cleanse them regularly.

The Range of Crystal Cures

Crystals can be used in almost any area to bring in the energy of 'refreshing light'. Hanging crystals strengthen intuition, for they have the ability to not only change the flow of energy but to break up stagnant chi by sending out myriad prisms that dapple the room and fill it with the moving energy of the sun.

Austrian crystal - Hang a spherical crystal in a window to clear stagnant chi and raise your spirits. If you raise your head to look up at the crystal on a regular basis, it will lift your energy. In fact this very movement of looking up will raise your energy. When we are sad or depressed we usually slump our shoulders and take very shallow breaths. If we sit up straight and breathe deeply, it is much more difficult to stay sad or depressed. In this way anything that makes us look physically upwards subtly makes us more open to feeling happy and cheerful in spirit. A sparkling crystal hanging in a window can cast a beautiful rainbow of colours across the walls, bringing beauty, joy and transformation into a space. One of the key regulations in Feng Shui is to keep energy or chi moving and vibrant, since stagnant chi is unhealthy. Clear, faceted crystals increase and lift chi and have a remarkable capacity to activate energy. One small sphere hanging in a window can have a dramatic effect on a room, especially when it catches the sunlight, and it can add a powerful charge to a particular part of the pa kau (the energy flow of your space). Hang the crystal towards the top of the window in the centre of the pane of glass, suspended from the frame above by a pin or nail. Position it about one or two inches away from the glass. Use either a silver thread or invisible twine, or a red ribbon if you have one, to enhance this Feng Shui cure. If you have lace curtains in the window, hang the crystal on the inside of the curtain, facing into the room.

Jade - East - Family and Health - Jade has been held in high regard by the Chinese for centuries, being considered more precious than gold or diamonds. It is said to bestow the owner with long life, health, wealth, worldly wisdom and generosity. It is also said to protect travelers from harm and bring success in matters related to the law. A jade item is best placed in the east of the home (the health area). It may also be worn as jewellery or carried as a potent talisman.

Crystal Ball - North - Career Prospects - A clear glass or good quality crystal ball placed in the career area of your home, the north, will help you with your intuition and making the right career decisions. This cure is also good for boosting a boring job or life. The career area is also called the journey, because it relates to everything you have learnt or experienced so far in life. The north area is represented by the element of water and gazing into a crystal ball is very reminiscent of gazing into clear water; you very quickly find yourself totally absorbed in the process of viewing other worlds and realities. Very often when we become stuck or stagnant in our lives, whether in a job or life situation that no longer nurtures us, we need to explore other ways of being and viewing the world.

Citrine - South East - Wealth and prosperity - The south East area of your home is the wealth and prosperity sector. Here it is advisable to place a very large citrine crystal or a large faceted citrine crystal. You should also place a citrine stone on a cash box or till and carry a piece in your purse or wallet for financial good fortune. The pale variety of citrine  can also be worn or carried for spiritual abundance and wisdom. Citrine has long been known as the merchant's stone because of its ability to bring wealth and prosperity to its owner.

Rose Quartz - South West - Marriage and romantic happiness - The south west corner of your home represents marriage and romantic happiness. If you place a large rose quartz crystal in this area everyone in your home will benefit from harmonious relationships. If you place a rose quartz crystal in the south west corner of your bedroom you will have a happy relationship with your partner or, if you are single, attract romantic love. Rose Quartz has always been known as the love stone and by wearing a rose quartz pendant you will also attract loving relationships into your life.

Quartz Pyramid - South - Recognition and Fame - Recognition and fame in the south of your home can be activated by a beautiful clear quartz pyramid. This can also have implications for your promotional prospects, including enlightenment, and how people see you in the community. By placing your quartz pyramid in this area you will be able to progress rapidly up the career ladder, enjoy a good reputation and be well liked.

Carnelian - North East - Education - Education and knowledge is in the north east sector of your home: this also relates to studying and learning. Here it is wise to place a bowl of 9 tumbled carnelian crystals. Gathering colours like yellow and orange work well in this area. They help us to approach situations with an open mind and examine new ideas before we draw conclusions. When studying it is wise to hold a citrine or carnelian crystal in your hand or place it on the north east section of your desk.

Morganite - West - Children - You will find the children area of your home in the west. This area relates to our children's successes and failures, their health and energy and your relationship to them. It also influences our pets and our hobbies. For this area morganite is recommended, due to two influences: firstly, the peachy pink colour is very nurturing and warming, acting as a stabilising influence on the emotions; secondly, morganite contains the energy of Quan Yin, who is the goddess of compassion and mercy and also the protector of children. She protects the home and the household from misfortune and ill-health, and brings peace.

Turquoise - North West - Mentors - Mentors and networking or helpful people are found in the north west corner of your home. If this area is out of balance you may find yourself too attached to things and find it difficult to forgive and forget easily. You may be quarrelsome and find yourself alone and unsupported. The energy of turquoise will quickly balance the area, bringing healing to any situation, as well as the feelings of universal support. It is very difficult to remain angry with this wonderful crystal to support you. Just looking at a beautiful piece of turquoise will lift your spirits and remind you of beautiful blue skies. In Buddhist visualisations the meditation begins with the appearance of blue skies, the sky symbolises shunyata, the true nature of everything, of which all forms are just temporary expressions. Placing your piece of turquoise in a metal bowl will enhance this cure even more, as the north west area of your home is represented by the metal element. We recommend using Sleeping Beauty Turquoise for its vivid blue colour.

Left to Right - Energy enters through the left side of your body and exits through the right, so if you want to hold or carry a crystal for its healing properties be sure to place it on the left side for a very simple Feng Shui cure.

Observing Chi - One way to observe the flow of chi in a room is to light incense or a sage stick to follow the direction of energy the incense takes. If you decide to smudge a room with sage to clear negative energies, have a look at our Sage Smudging article for guidance, and don't forget to leave windows open to allow the negative energies a path to leave by.

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