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This time is powerful. The veil between fear and the truth is thin and you are being called to be the seeker. You are being called to cut through this veil and illuminate your light upon the shadows. You are in a state of soul remembrance and in this state you hold the keys to unlock the doors of your past lives, your current life, and your future realities. You are an important part of bringing the New Earth to all those who yet not know all its possibilities.
The guidebook is minimal intentionally. You are not to be reliant on the guidebook, you are meant to interpret these cards for what they are. You will get a different meaning and activation each time you use this deck. The guidebook is filled with light codes, your human mind will try to understand what they mean, but know that your soul and spirit already know. You will be unlocking and activating with each use. Please know, this was of divine occurrence and channelled directly from Source.


About the Author

Leah Shoman is the owner of Sacred Scribe Publishing and Dark Moon Crystals. Leah is also a published author, intuitive crystal healer, light language healer, cosmic poet, and a channel. Everything she creates is a direct download from Source, as she receives channelled messages and information that the collective needs to hear at the given time. Leah works with light-coded information that helps unlock sacred knowledge within your DNA to help instigate your awakening

Starlight Frequencies Oracle

SKU: 9780646846095
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