A 7-point star light shade in attractive rainbow colours. Cotton waste from the Indian textile industry undergoes an environmentally friendly process to transform it into craft paper. No wood or chemicals are used. Our supplier based in Northern India is long established and known for creating delightful decorative accessories. A positive use for textile offcuts that may have gone to landfill.


These beautiful craft paper products are made by a long established family based business in Northern India. They set up in business in 1970 and Fair Trade and social objectives are high on the company agenda. Their focus is to provide steady, reliable and valued employment which creates self-reliance and stronger community spirit among the workers of rural India.


The lampshade is flat-packed, simply pop it open and tie around any ordinary pendant ceiling light. It will work particularly well with an LED bulb, as you get a brighter light with a very low wattage.



Rainbow Star Light Shade

  • 60 cm