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Hand Dipped Incense made by Heaven Scent in the UK.  

Heaven Scent Incense is all hand dipped using special bamboo sticks coated in tree powder then coated in a guar gum from tree sap. All uniquely hand dipped in a vegetable base mixed with essential oils and high quality perfume oils. No animal tested or derived ingredients. Sticks burn cleanly for over 1 hour.


Hold the stick, light the other end, gently allow to burn for 30 seconds.When end is glowing, extinguish flame. Place in a secure burner in a fire-proof area. Incense is not a toy. Avoid contact with polished surfaces and fabric as the oils will stain.

Pick & Mix Incense Sticks M-Z

  • For online orders, we will choose your two free sticks from the selection you have made. For every ten you buy, we will add an extra two sticks.

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