Handmade according to a centuries old formula from ancient Tibetan medical texts, this incense was said to be used for the treatment of altitude sickness as well as an aid to relaxation and meditation. Tibetan incense is different from other styles because it is not composed of a mixture of essential oils but instead from a combination of precious woods mixed with other natural ingredients found in the Himalayan region. This gives the incense a deep, rich, earthy aroma rather than being overly perfumed.

The incense is carefully produced entirely by hand using 31 different herbal ingredients. The pack will contain some instructions for use according to the traditional Tibetan healing system.

Approx: 20 Sticks
each 145mm Long
Origin: Nepal


  • Rich earthy scent Tibetan Incense
  • Ancient traditional Tibetan remedy
  • Composed of 31 herbs
  • Handmade and Fair Trade

Original Tibetan Healing Incense


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