Sitting upon the Meridian line, at 0 degrees Longitude, Greenwich is world renowned as the place 'where time begins' and was once the centre of the British Empire's naval and trading power. It is from here that our pocket watch desk clock takes its inspiration. Victorian in style, but powered by a reliable modern quartz movement, it stands 14cm tall on an aged brass stand with a compass rose design base. 5.5" tall.

Quartz (silicon dioxide) crystals possess the remarkable property of oscillating at a very regular and predictable frequency when subjected to an electrical current. The first commercially available clocks to exploit this appeared in the late 1920s, and went on to supersede mechanical movements thanks to their accuracy and reduced need for maintenance.

Brass - an alloy of copper and zinc - is easy to work with, can be polished to a gleaming shine, and it has a high degree of corrosion resistance, making it the traditional choice of metal for use in harsh marine environments.

Greenwich Pocket Watch Clock

  • Height 13.5 cm