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The pendant is Sterling Silver


The Pendant Measures : 44 mm (inc. bale)  x 20 mm  and is presented in a gift box.


Please note, the pendant is supplied without a chain. For our range of Sterling Silver chains, please click here.

Greenman Pendant

Out of Stock
  • The term Green Man, or Jack O' the Green, has been applied to an amazing array of images of the human form sprouting, or combining with, foliage. He is though to represent fertility and regeneration, but his sometimes stern expression serves to remind us that nature itself is not always totally benign. Although the Green Man's image is not the sole preserve of the Church, the vast majority of them are to be found in churches and cathedrals. His proliferation there is a mystery, frequently appearing more than once in any particular church, yet he is not fundamental to Christianity. The Green Man is one of the most ancient and most pagan of all symbols to be found in Christian churches, his origins are entwined inextricably with Paganism and folk lore. No one knows the enigmatic Green Man's actual origin or age. He remains mysteriously swathed in foliage and cloaked in silence..

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