This is a large specimen that is made of natural Clear Quartz and then (like Aqua Aura) is superheated with high power water in a lab chamber with the green Chromium mineral so it bonds to the Quartz giving it a green color and thousands of little "druzy" points like cactus fuzz. This in no way interferes with the healing properties of Quartz, but actually adds to it with the natural mineral Chromium. This form of quartz is recognized by Judy Hall in her Crystal Bible book and she recommends it for many types of healing work.

Chromium Quartz, like all green crystals, is a stone for the Heart chakra, helping you to see joy in everything around you. This crystal lets you know that you can achieve peace and joy all by yourself - you need not feel dependent on others. A stone of balance, Chromium Quartz will enable you to see where you went wrong in your life and, with clarity, to show you how to get the balance back.

Chromium Quartz

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  • 10cm x 12cm x 12cm