Comes on an 18″ curb chain

Width: 35 mm  Height: 36 mm ~ Supplied in a St Justin gift box

Lifetime Guarantee from St Justin

Chakra Tree Pendant

SKU: PN1029
  • In the Hindu tradition a chakra is a physical, mental and emotional energy centre. Our seven chakra centres are arranged around a star in the centre of a circle and govern our bodily functions, feelings and thought processes. Keeping our chakras well balanced is a way to health and harmony.


    Chakra tree pendant – a pewter Chakra pendant in the shape of a tree set with seven semi-precious stones – garnet, carnelian, amber, malachite, lapis, amethyst & moonstone to represent the seven chakras.

  • The venerable alloy of pewter is made of 92% tin with copper and antimony to harden it and enhance casting. At St Justin the distinguished tradition of casting pewter lives on. High quality pewter ingots are fused in a crucible and the molten metal is poured into rubber moulds created from the original master design.

    After cooling and linishing, the items are hand-polished and assembled by craftsmen.