Rondos are threaded on black cotton and are available in 5 different gemstones, presented on a grey card.


Amethyst is known as “The Elevator” and is often used as an aid to meditation. It is said to have extraordinary powers: soothing the mind, easing pain and inspiring love. Let its gentle hues impart an inner peace and a new clarity to your life.


This quartz gem is used as a talisman against depression and to protect one from all ills. It may also quieten a troubled spirit and bring inner strength by helping to focus and direct your mind. Let it help you to make wise decisions!

A good stone for love and families, Carnelian is known as “The Friendly One”. It takes its colour from the sun and its name from a cherry. We hope that it will protect you from rage, fear and sorrow by opening your heart to wisdom, warmth and joy.


Sometimes called Indian Jade, this green quartz is known as a “Brain Stone” but also has a strong connection with the heart. Let it bring excitement and success to your life and loves by energising your health and awakening your spirit!


This lustrous mineral is known as a “Stone of Truth” and is thought to expand awareness and bring harmony. It may also clear the mind and eliminate confusion, alleviate fears and bring a lightness of heart, improve communication and encourage friendship.It is used here with Hematite to give you courage.

Celtic Beady Rondo Necklace 5 Varieties


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