Versatile, soft and breathable, the Multi-Functional Bandana is a great accessory for any outdoor lover. You can use it as a balaclava, headband, bandana and many more besides, using it to cover your face and neck in a wide variety of situations. Available in a range of colours, this multi-functional head tube is a great way to prepare for any outdoor adventure. 

  • Breathable - This highly breathable fabric allows you to stay cool and comfortable
  • Wind Resistant - This garment helps to keep the wind out, so you stay warm with fewer layers
  • Quick Drying - Dries quickly thanks to its absorbent fibres
  • Convertible - There are many styles that this garment can be used for. Instructions are included on the packaging
  • One Size - One size fits all, measuring 48cm length and 24cm width

Camouflage Multi-functional Bandana