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Width:21 mm Height: 43 mm ~ Thong length (max): 30 inch (76 cm) 

Supplied in a St Justin gift box, on an adjustable leather cord

Bronze Viking Travellers Charm Pendant

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  • The design on the front of this pendant was taken from the Lillbjars picture stone found in Stenkyrka, Gotland, Sweden. The stone dates back to the 8th century CE. The runic inscription on the back of this pendant translates as: 

    Venture forth, safe from harm

  • The Bronze Age in Great Britain and Western Europe began over 4,000 years ago in around 2,000 BC. Both Copper and tin were discovered, mind and fused together to form the alloy bronze, renowned for its strength and longevity. 

    A new Bronze Age is appearing from the depths of history; a revival of a bygone culture and a metal that changed lives and brought a sophistication in jewellery that had not existed before. 

    Using recycled copper and Cornish tin we have re-created this ancient metal. After casting at over 10000°C into an investment mould we then refine the raw pieces using linishing and fettling techniques. Finally, the refined items are hand-polished and assembled to produce a collection of unique jewellery.

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