Apache tears are a variety of water worn black obsidian. Obsidian is formed volcanically when lava rich in silicic acid cools extremely rapidly. The lava hardens so quickly that no crystalline structures are able to form. Apache tears are so named after an incident in Arizona. Soldiers ambushed a group of Apaches. Many were killed and the rest leapt over a cliff, rather than be taken. The women of the tribe wept at the base of the cliff and their tears were embedded in obsidian. It is said that those who carry apache tears will never know deep sorrow.

Spiritually apache tears are stones of prophecy and amplify magical powers. Use these stones for psychic self-defence, usually by carrying four, five or seven in a small pouch and keeping it on your person. They are excellent stones for enhancing vision quests or spiritual pilgrimages, inner or outer.

Emotionally apache tears dissolve shocks, fear, blocks and traumatization. Apache tears lift depression and relieve dark, stagnant energies. It comforts grief, provides insight into the source of distress, and relieves long-held grievances. Being generally softer than other types of obsidian, apache tears release negativity slowly so it can be transmuted. The apache tear consoles a traumatised or grieving child. Hold it up to the sunlight so that he or she can see that there is light always present even in the darkest of times.

Mentally apache tears expand the consciousness and help change restricting beliefs, communication and behavioural patterns. They sharpen the senses and improve the intellect.

Physically apache tears dissolve pain, tensions and energy blocks within the body. Shock sustained through injury is dissolved on a cellular level and thus they help staunch bleeding and accelerate the healing of wounds. Apache tears enhance the assimilation of Vitamins C and D, remove toxins and calm muscle spasms. 

Cleanse apache tears under any light source, then smudge with sage. 

Apache Tears

  • Price is for one stone, approx. 1.5 cm