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Send Healing to the world - from your Living Room!

It seems an impossible task at the moment to not feel the sheer amount of stress, anxiety, fear and grief that is engulfing our planet. With worries about falling ill, feeling unable to protect and care for our family and friends, anxious about our employment in the future, or money coming in now, stress is prevalent in our current global situation. Even for the lucky people, those who are still healthy, still employed, and safe at home, it is known that medical or enforced quarantine, and isolation in general, is associated with serious mental health effects. A recent study found that quarantine is linked with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms, confusion and anger, with some research suggesting these effects can be long-lasting. Given that the coronavirus crisis is likely to be with us for some time, the mental health implications cannot be dismissed.

With all this in mind, I have decided to create a CRYSTAL GRID with the intention of spreading some much needed LOVE, PEACE, STRENGTH AND HOPE to as many people across the planet as possible.

On Sunday 19th April at 6pm GMT I shall be setting up a "sunburst grid," (Judy Hall - The Ultimate guide to Crystal Grids) on a world map and focusing my intentions out to the world. This is where I NEED YOUR HELP; whether you are a crystal healing newbie who has some love to share, or a die-hard healer who already has their own grids up and running, I ask you to join me in this, by following the simple instructions below, and let's see if we can spread a little love and light during this terrible time. 


So many thanks, and love and light, to all xxx

The Sunburst Grid

First and foremost, sunburst grids are energising and revitalising grids, but they can have other functions too. A sunburst can be built of detoxifying and protective crystals, to offer ongoing support, healing and protection to an area that has been affected by illness or disaster. A sunburst layout radiates positive energy over a large area, so is particularly suited to a placement on the ground or over a map. A sunburst grid can have short or long arms, and they may be equal or unequal, or a mixture of both. Crystals can be laid in lines, or simply placed at each end around a central keystone. The keystone may be large or small, but a rough unpolished stone is best. (I shall be using 1 x Rough Rose Quartz, known to help release emotional wounds such as grief, stress, fear or anger, as my keystone. For the "sunbeams" I shall be using 4 x small Amethyst tumblestones, excellent for soothing anger and impatience, reducing potential conflict and feelings of helplessness. Amethyst is also one of the best absent healing stones. Also 4 x small Sunstone tumblestones, used as energisers, to reduce depression and despair, as well as anxiety, fears and phobias of all kinds. Sunstone helps to distinguish real dangers from imaginary fear. Finally I will be using 8 x small quartz points at the tip of my "sunbeams" to amplify the positive attributes of the grid, absorb any negative energy from the atmosphere and transform it into rays of healing and positive feelings.)

Preparing your tools

You will need: 

  • 17 x crystals of your choice, including 1 x Rough specimen Keystone. (Dowse using a pendulum or use your intuition to choose your stones.)

  • A map to send healing across the globe (though this practise will work without one.)

  • A singing bowl, tingsha bells or drum to activate the grid (optional)

  • An hour or so of free time to engage fully in the practise, though it can DEFINITELY be done in groups, if you have members of your family who want to participate.

Before you lay your grid - make sure that your crystals are cleansed, and charge them in the spring sunshine over the Easter weekend. Once charged, you will need to activate your crystals and imbue them with your intention. Simply hold the crystals in your hands, and say aloud:

I dedicate these crystals to the highest good of all and I ask that their power be activated now to work in harmony with my focused intention. I ask that the grid when empowered shall emit powerful feelings of love, strength, and hope, and relay these feelings to the many people across the planet who are struggling to cope with current events.

To lay the Grid

Hold your cleansed crystals in your hands, and again state your intention for the grid. Dowse, or use your intuition to find the appropriate positions for your crystals, and lay them (roughly if you like) in a sunburst pattern. You don't necessarily need to lay the keystone first. Trust your intuition to guide you. Stand at the centre of the grid (or focus your attention into its centre) and state your intention yet again.

Activate the grid using a singing bowl, tingsha bells or drum, or just use the power of your mind. Allow yourself the time to sit with your grid, and feel the vibrations of the loving energy you are sending out to the world. I shall be actively working with my grid for this purpose for an hour, and then I will leave it in place for as long as it is needed. Leave the grid in place if you can, as it will continue to send out loving energy, bring peace and tranquility, and render support to those who need it most. If you do need to remove the grid, deactivate it by dismantling it whilst saying:

I thank these crystals for their work, which has been much needed at this time. I ask that their power be closed until reactivated.

Cleanse all your crystals thoroughly once your grid has been deactivated.

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